Crefi Protocol
400,000% APY ?
Annual Percentage Yield
Annual Percentage Yield is referred to as APY. By accounting for the impact of compound interest, this calculation determines the real rate of return on your initial investment. The principal in CreFi is represented by your $CREFI tokens, and compound interest is periodically paid on each Rebase event (every 15 minutes), also known as a "Epoch." Your current CreFi token amount plus your new rebase token amount make up your new main amount. For your subsequent rebase awards, the calculation is based on this total sum. Compound Interest Works and It's crucial to keep in mind that your balance will increase over time exponentially rather than linearly. Using a 15-minute compound interest rate of 0.02355 percent: If you had a balance of just 1 $CREFI on day one, it would have increased to 4000 $CREFI after a year.
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