Crefi Protocol
CreFi (CREFI) Token
BEP20 CA: 0x601596632842614594f2dCBcBDeF539Ec0ABb2d9
The Bep20 token $CREFI provides its owners with automatic passive interest payments every 15 minutes for a period of 13.5 years, or until the 2.5 billion token supply has been used up.
Our CreFi Auto-Liquidity Engine (CALE), the CreFi Insurance Fund (CIF), the CreFi Longterm Interest Cycle (CLIC), as well as safeguards in place which secure against malicious hack attempts, are just a few of the proprietary mechanisms we have in place that offer many improvements over our competitors.
With our Auto-Burn Fire Pit structure, low beginning supply, and shorter 15-minute Epochs for a much more linear APY progression of attainability, CreFi's tokenomics are also totally unique.
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