Crefi Protocol
How does the Staking work ?
The Buy-Hold-Earn function, a straightforward yet innovative element of the CAP Auto-Stake feature, offers $CREFI holders the utmost in user-friendliness. By just purchasing and keeping $CREFI token in your wallet, you can receive rebase benefits in the form of interest payments. Every 15 minutes, you will receive more tokens. CreFi uses a Positive Rebase formula to enable token distribution to be paid directly proportional to the epoch rebase rewards, worth 0.02355 percent of the total quantity of $CREFI tokens held in your wallet every 15 minute epoch period. All $CREFI holders receive the rebase incentives once every EPOCH (15-minute rebase period). This indicates that CreFi hollders will receive an annual compound interest of 400,000 % percent for Year 1 without removing their tokens from their wallet.
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