As A Long-Term Investment Vehicle

Users can easily make long-term investments

Users can easily make long-term investments with sizable returns when holding their Credit in an online desktop wallet. After 8 hours, the balance will become staked to the network. You will periodically receive rewards of new coins for your effort in supporting block production.

This strategy creates an ideal investment situation where you are the banker. There is zero trust required when you own and operate your wallet.

The new coins you earn arrive from the future maximum supply. Plus, they deposit directly to your wallet. There is no middle man in this situation. The best part is that you retain your initial balance throughout this process, thus never diminishing your wealth unless you sell all of your coins. Then, that is the end of Block production for you.

Many users will likely spend their profits. Credit's design welcomes millions of new cryptocurrency users to the global community. This platform aims to enrich their lives by rewarding them in a simple yet accessible manner.

Over time, Credit's profitability model will become more attractive to new and first-time users, not to mention experienced miners that can sell their pricey equipment and stake Credit on their home computer.

All of these earnings and new coins promote scarcity because a Credit balance is required to produce blocks. The bigger your balance, the more rewards you earn. This strategy is the ultimate win-win situation.

This trend will continue. More new and experienced users will join the Credit Blockchain for its low cost, high reward, and simplicity

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