As Incentive For 3RD Party Producers

Decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency

Credit Smartchain designed Credit as a highly rewarding decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

Credit is simple to use and does not require expensive equipment or advanced technical experience. Credit employs Proof-of-Authority as the consensus algorithm, unlike Proof of Work, the Credit Blockchain ignores computational power. Block producers are selected based on coin balance and maturity.

The credit blockchain ecosystem utilizes nodes that are also known as wallets, the most common of which is the Desktop wallet. All Credit wallets feature an auto-staking function that allows any user with a modern PC, VPS, or even Raspberry Pi to become a producer.

The reward for supporting the blockchain is an incentive to promote further decentralization between producers. The goal is to create an even playing field by allowing almost anyone to earn a passive income supporting the Credit Blockchain.

Credit is simple, install the wallet, have sufficient balance, and you will earn. No tweaks, no dependencies, no issues, this level of accessibility is an incentive on its own.

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