International Payments

Faster and Cheaper

It's a widely known fact that using cryptocurrency for international payments is faster and cheaper.

This scenario is also the case with Credit. Our transactions are instant and carry virtually 0 costs. Amazingly, the base fee for any transaction is 0.0001 CREDIT. With a target value of $1.00, you can easily see that CREDIT payments are almost free. The value of 1 CREDIT would need to increase in value 1,000,000% for a transaction to cost $0.01.

When we say payments are instant, we mean instant. Credit introduces a higher rate of block production that can handle up to one hundred thousand transactions per second.

Many people don't live where they grew up but still have loved ones back home. It's common in many cultures for younger generations to send money home to rural communities. Credit is ideally suited to captivate the remittance market segment.

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