As A Regular Cryptocurrency

Credit ticks all the boxes

Credit ticks all the boxes as a cryptocurrency, it is decentralized, it is blockchain-based, and features an open-source code. However, it goes far beyond these requirements and continues to offer a range of useful and beneficial improvements.

Credit is faster than most cryptocurrencies and offers virtually free transactions. It is capable of handling millions of transactions every minute because of its frequency of block production. Credit is easy to use and provides a concise block production process. Block production is highly profitable because there is no demand for hash power. Credit's design will function on nearly any smart device.

Users are encouraged to use Credit across multiple platforms and even develop their unique external frameworks, platforms, and applications implementing Credit.

Credit's code will always remain open-source and available for adoption or improvement at any time. Any users wanting to do this will receive the full support, encouragement, and guidance of the Credit Smartchain.

Credit transcends its true purpose as a payment platform and also serves as a highly tradable asset. We have the benefit of entering the market in a downed state, and the future value of Credit looks bright once the market corrects.

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