As An Alternative To Cash

One that allows for instant digital payments

We propose that the Credit App-based wallet is a suitable replacement for cash, one that allows for instant digital payments across a range of devices.

In June 2019, the Credit wallet app will launch with a range of features to facilitate everyday payments. We are developing a variety of solutions that include technology such as tap and pay, QR scanning, and Point of Sale. These include online payments for e-commerce solutions and digital retailers.

Credit will foster the trading and exchange of Credit for goods and services on a user-to-user level. Users are encouraged to shed the risks of using Fiat Currency and instead use Credit as it ensures safety, transparency, and value on every level.

Credit transactions work on multiple levels of use, ranging from large corporations to small businesses. The primary market is individual users in an everyday environment.

It's the directive of the Credit Smartchain to make sure that no area of use sees neglect and that Credit's use fosters on all levels.

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